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* Please note there is a temporary embargo on providing cell lines for research purposes until the practices and policies of the Cell Bank have been reviewed and updated.

The Canadian Repository for Mutant Human Cell Strains was established in 1971 in reponse to a need. The purpose was to establish protected somatic cell strains from patients with Mendelian disorders. The Repository described in this Catalogue is the 36 year old descendant of the original initiative. It is a non-profit facility.

The present database describes holdings of skin fibroblast cultures with well documented provenance. Information is based on the depositors' data, requiring effort on the part of the depositor to provide this information. Our working philosophy is simple: the information recorded here is what investigators would wish to have when selecting cells for withdrawal for a research project in their own laboratory. All lines are reviewed by the curator and managers.

"Branch" catalogues/databases are a possible development. If you have a cell collection and wish that it be known, details (nature of collection, contact details) could be appended to this web site or pointers listed.

The Repository requests that the cell code number (starting with the "WG"), be cited in publications in which the cell cultures are used. The Repository would also appreciate receiving a reprint of each publication that references one of its cell lines.

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