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Cell Repository
Montreal Children's Hospital
2300 Tupper Street, A-703
Montreal, QC
Canada H3H 1P3

Phone: (514) 412-4400 x22549
Fax: (514) 412-4329

Fibroblast cultures originate from skin unless otherwise stated. All cells in the Repository are grown in Eagle MEM with Earle's salts plus 10% fetal calf serum. New samples are stabilized overnight and then switched to this media. Penicillin and Gentamycin are added to the media for establishing primary cultures. Cells are stored frozen in liquid nitrogen in the above media containing 10% DMSO.

Key to Cell List

CELL CODE The Repository number of that strain.
* An asterisk before the Repository number indicates published references.
SUBM. CODE The number identifying the investigator who submitted the specimen; the donor is anonymous.
AGE The age of the donor at the time of the biopsy, expressed in years, unless otherwise specified:
(MO) months; (WK) weeks; (DA) days; (FW) fetal weeks gestation.
SEX Phenotypic sex: (M) male; (F) female; (A) ambiguous.
RACE (AI) American Indian; (BL) Black; (BR) Polynesian; (WH) White; (IN) East Indian; (OR) Oriental; (OT) Other (known mixture).
The space is left empty if race is unknown.
GENETIC STATUS (+) normal gene; (Y-) hemizygous for X-linked trait;
(-) mutant gene; (+?) genetic status not determined; (+-(o)) carrier for a recessively inherited or X-linked trait as determined by pedigree analysis or clinical documentation.
CONFIRMED B = biochemical confirmation; C = clinical confirmation; D = DNA confirmation; O = received from an outside source; U = unclassified.
SIS = sister; BRO = brother; SIB = sibling; COU = cousin; MAT = maternal; PAT = paternal; GMR = grandmother; GFR = grandfather; AFF = affected.
FAM# A family number or pedigree number implying more than one cell culture from the same individual or family are in the Repository.
MEMBER# Within each family, each member is assigned a unique family member number. Cultures having the same MEMBER# are from the same individual.
DETAILS Pertinent information about the cell strain
The six digit number is the McKusick* number.

* McKusick, Victor. Mendelian Inheritance in Man. 10th edition. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, London. 1992

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